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The J&J Studio Background Story


Years ago, when I changed my career and became a photographer, I began saving money and planning to eventually run my own photo studio.


As to the name, the name J&J Studio has a unique and diverse origin. Contrary to what some might believe, J&J are not just initials to two names.


The letters J&J in the Studio's name also stand for all of the positive adjectives that start with the letter "J." Most fitting though are "Jazzy" & "Jovial" because that is the attitude you will get when you get your photographs at J&J Studio.


I wanted to diversify the perspectives photography can bring and I told myself that I would occasionally collaborate with other skilled photographers too.

So, I began meeting them.


I am very proud to say that this has now become a reality with J&J Studio, and best of all, I get to work with very talented photographers like James Maynard, or my COOL brothers, Markus & Andy occasionally too on photo shoots. 



... And, here's another tidbit. ... 

While I might occasionally post a photo in social media to update you on photo shoots that were done at J&J Studio, or shoots on which I collaborated with talented photographers, 


   make sure to     

. . .  ALWAYS  . . . 

check the official Studio's website

  A Peak Inside  

    J&J Studio has  . . .   a darkroom,

   soft boxes, white, golden, and silver umbrellas, gels, muslin backdrops in various colors, tripods, stands, a few small props, and even a changing "booth." 

There is a waiting area, where you can sit and relax with a cup of coffee, or a glass of water, and read anything from Nat Geo to Time magazines, or Gary Larson cartoons.


Some Jazz or Blues by Charlie Parker, Billie Holiday, BB King & many others  will play in the background, or whatever the mood and setting asks.

The Studio even has a black cat, named Isa & a Blue Heeler mix, by the name of Dallas. They both jump in as a floor manager from time to time.

Buth & Sundance swim around in their mini reef, ready to test your marine memes. Make sure they do not sound fishy.

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