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1) How long is each photo session?

~ Unless agreed otherwise,

each session is one hour.


2) How do I pay for my photo session?

~ J&J Studio accepts cash payments, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo & check  payments.

 J&J Studio is diligently working on making digital payments available soon.

3) Will I receive a receipt?

~ Of course, you will receive a receipt, with guarantee that you will receive your photos digitally within a specified time period.

4) How long will it take for me to receive my photos digitally?

~ For a paid photo session, J&J Studio reserves the right to take up to 48 hours per 10 photos to edit them and send them to you.

*A 24 Hour Rush Order can be requested. An added fee will apply.

~ For a TFP / FREE photo session J&J Studio reserves the right to take at least 72 hours to release your photos to you, since paid customers come first.

5) Can I get the digital download of my photos on the same day?

~ For an additional $5 per photo, or $50 per set of 20 photos, J&J Studio will work around the clock to edit and release the photos to you within 24 hours.

* Keep in mind, that J&J Studio can only prepare  and release 20 photos at a time per 24 hours, if you paid an extra $50 for a rush order. 

6) Where do I get the digital download of my photos?

~ J&J Studio will upload and share the digital download of your photos with you on Google Docs, OR via photo CD-ROM.

7) Will I receive copies of all documents I sign, before I leave?

~ Absolutely! You can take a photo of the documents you signed, or the staff can scan & email them to you, within minutes. If you would like,

J&J Studio can even print them out for you to take home.


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