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How It All Came Together...



   Unlike most girls, I did not grow up with dolls or go to the Prom. I grew up with a closet full of cameras and two very tall brothers, who both had a knack with light and lenses. Then there was my American grandfather, John, whose first name's initial rightfully is the second "J" in J&J Studio. He also had a closet filled with film rolls, cameras and tripods. 

    Sharing a dark room with my brother Andy, getting tips and learning tricks from my brother, Markus, and receiving my first film camera from my grandfather on my birthday made me, ... well ... a passionate and driven photographer at heart. He told me, "Jessy, you always want to carry a camera with you, because you'll never know when that Kodak moment comes." He passed on his beloved camera bag to me too, handing on the torch so to speak. Some kids get a car when they are ready to leave the nest. I got a camera.


   While I spent nearly a quarter of a century with chalk in my hand, teaching students from many walks of life, and in different languages and subjects, I spent the last three years immersed back in my film rolls. Surrounded by lenses, tripods, and most recently digital cameras too, I knew it was time to put action to my grandfather's words of advice. He believed in my passion and I was driven by it, so I worked around the clock for years, until I could finally afford to open my own photo studio.

   J&J Studio is this photo studio. To honor him, I let the second "J" stand for my late grandfather John, but also his jovial and jazzy attitude, which I exude when I do my job, capturing priceless memories and classic shots for those who hire me.


   From time to time, I even get the opportunity to work with highly skilled photographers like George Howard, Michael Bends, or my brothers, when we get together once a year across the pond, in Germany.

   Want to learn more about what J&J Studio can do for you? 

   Set up a FREE consultation with me, and I will show you what cameras can capture that cell phones can't. 


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© Photo by Jessy Kaiser
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